Take care of your jewels

All the jewels made by Marteliè are 925 sterling silver so it is very important to take care of them and their maintenance.

To know how to take care of your jewels and to keep them as new, we give you some advice of what products and habits to avoid and how to clean them properly.

Advice to take care of your jewels

  • We don’t recomend you to wear them while sleeping.
  • Avoid the contact with soup and detergent, because they may damage the brightness and gold plating.
  • Don’t wear them in swimming pools or the sea, the chlorine and salt water may damage them.
  • Don’t practice sports with the jewels on. Depending on the acidity of your skin, the sweat may make them loose its brightness.
  • Avoid to spray perfume or cologne on the jewels because the alcohol and other chemical components may afect the pieces.

How to clean the jewels

We put a little bit of soup in a glass with warm water and we clean the piece with a little soft brush. Toothbrushes are perfect to clean jewels, because they are soft and don’t damage the finish.

Extra care should be taken with the gold plated or black rodium plated pieces.