In Marteliè we are a small team of artisan jewelers with many years of experience in designing and casting jewels.

Each jewel is thought, designed and created by us at our workshop in Barcelona.

We leave industrial and machining processes behind and we focus on the artisans work because we want our jewels to be unique, with the distinctive character of the handmade things.

All our pieces are made of 925 sterling silver, following the strictest quality processes that ensure us an excelent finish without loosing its autenticity.

In the very first phase of the creation of a piece we exchange ideas to find the appropriate focus that each jewel should have. After this, we draw it to make the first original piece and start the production process and then we make by hand all the jewels in an artisian way.

How we create our jewels

When we finish the creation of the sterling silver jewel the piece is plated through a galvanic process to get its final finishing.

Sterling silver: we plate the piece with pure silver to give it a uniform finishing, to enhance its natural color.

Gold plated: we plate the sterling silver piece with one micron 18 k gold.

Black rhodium: we plate the sterling silver piece with black rhodium, an original finishing that gives strength and personality to the jewel.